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Preparations for installation of solar road studs

Jun 05, 2023
Before installing embedded solar road studs, you need to do the following preparations:
1. Road evaluation: evaluate the road conditions that need to be installed with solar road studs, including the smoothness of the road surface, drainage, traffic volume, etc. Make sure the road is suitable for installing embedded solar spikes.
2. Planning and design: According to the characteristics and needs of the road, plan and design the installation location and quantity of solar road studs. Determine the spacing and layout of solar road studs.
3. Clean the road: Before installation, make sure the road surface is clean and remove any obstacles, weeds or garbage, etc.
4. Power supply: Embedded solar road studs require a power supply, so make sure there is a reliable power source near the installation area. You can consider contacting the local power company to ensure the feasibility of the power supply.
5. Drilling and embedding: Use appropriate tools and equipment to drill and embed solar road studs at predetermined locations. Make sure that the depth and diameter of each drilled hole are as specified by the manufacturer.
6. Connect the power supply: Connect the power cord of the solar powered road stud to a reliable power source. Make sure the connections are correct and perform the necessary electrical tests.
7. Test and maintenance: After the installation, carry out the necessary tests to ensure that the solar road stud usually works. Regularly inspect and maintain aluminum solar road studs, including cleaning solar panels and batteries, and ensuring the reliability of power cords and connectors.
Please note that before undertaking any installation work, it is recommended that you read and follow the specific installation guidelines and requirements provided by the manufacturer. In addition, if necessary, it is also recommended to consult a professional solar road stud installation service provider or engineer for advice.


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