Solar Road Stud Light
LED Color:
Security Feature: With 6 Aluminum Alloy Safety Locks
Battery:LiFePO4 1500mAh*3.2V
Size∶ φ143*47mm
Load Capacity: >80T
This is the IL300+ solar road stud light (popular in the Philippines), with 6 safety locks, powered by a silicon panel, covered in plastic, and covered in aluminum, which gives it a load capacity of 80 tons. You can contact us for the Stress Resistant Report. This solar stud light can be installed on the highway(freeways). LED lights are best sellers in white. we also provide yellow, red, green, blue and other colors. The viewing distance is more than 800 meters, and it is IP68 waterproof.

We have both Lithium and Ni-MH battery options. Lithium has small size, light weight, low self-discharge rate, large capacity, life expectancy of 5-8 years, and high price. Ni-MH batteries are resistant to both high and low temperatures, but their lifespan is somewhat lower compared to lithium batteries, resulting in a lower price.

The IL300+ Solar Road Stud Light is a road safety device that helps motorists see the road especially at night and has been proven to reduce accidents by more than 70% in accident-prone situations such as sharp turns and hilly roads.
6 pcs aluminum alloy screws:
Hex screw, not easy to be stolen
GB-ADC 12 aluminum:
Prevent internal parts from moving
Japan PC cover:
LED lamp holder:
Effective support and protection of lamp beads
High efficient solar panel:
High conversion of solar energy
Lithium battery or NI-MH battery
PC board and controller:
Flashing or constant 2 working modes
Plastic non-slip mat:
Prevent inner product from sliding
Shell base:
GB-ADC 12 aluminum,Wear-resistant and compressive
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Body material : Aluminum Alloy+PC cover
Power supply: Solar panel(Monocrystalline 5V /120mAh)
Battery: LiFePO4 1500mAh*3.2V/NI-MH battery 1.2v 600mAh
LED: Ultra bright diameter 8mm*6PCS
LED Color: White Green Red Yellow Blue
Flashing model: Flashing or constant
Warranty: 1 Year
Working hours: 140 hrs for flashing modes,40hrs for constant modes
Package: 1pcs/box; 24pcs/ctn; Weight: 32kgs; Carton size: 48.5*33.2*24.8cm
Waterproof:         IP68
Size: φ143*47mm
Security locks No.: 6pcs stainless steel safety locks
Weight: 1260g/pc
Visual distance: 800m(approx)
Load capacity:   80T(can be installed in the middle of road)
Life span:   More than 5 years
Working Temperature: -20 °C~ + 70°C
Waterproof: IP68
production workshop
NOKIN Traffic has exported solar road studs with more than 15 years experience. NOKIN Traffic is the leading solar road studs manufacturer in China, we have advanced production equipment, and international management philosophy,and now NOKIN Traffic has 25 product patents. All the solar studs are CE ROHS FCC certified, and meet the standard of ASTM D42808EN1463-1 of Europe and America countries. The quality of NOKIN solar road studs wins praise of customers home and abroad.
IL300 Solar Pavement Marker
IL300 Solar road stud screw fixing
Glue injection for IL300 solar road studs
1.Milling the hole.
Use a drill coring machine to make a hole with a diameter of about 150mm and 50mm deep.
2.Removing the Core.
Use an electric drill to clean the core.
3.Clean the hole.
Use a blower to blow away debris.
4.Glue the solar road studs.
Pour an appropriate amount of glue into the hole, and pay attention to the direction of the solar studs when installing.
Installation Tools
Core Drilling Machine
Electric Drill
A/B Epoxy Glue
IL300 Solar Pavement Marker can be used in motorway(highwaylexpressway/skyway), Urban road,parking lot,airport, and other public places, more application cases, pls visit our cases page;
solar road studs in urban road
Solar Road Studs in Urban Road
The solar road studs are widely used in the infrastructure sector, among others: emphasizing dangerous curves, introducing traffic calming measures, marking cycle lanes and roundabouts.
Solar Road Studs in Rural Roads
Solar Road Studs in Rural Roads
The rural area is sparsely populated, the resources of street lights are not abundant, and it is not easy to wire. Solar road studs are easy to install and do not require maintenance. They are the best choice for road warning.
G105 Solar Road studs are installed on the zebra crossing
Solar Road Studs Are Installed On the Zebra Crossing
As an flush-type solar road stud, G105 has a compressive value of more than 80 tons. It can be installed on zebra crossings or linked with traffic lights to form a smart zebra crossing system. This system has been promoted in Brazil, South Korea and other countries.
solar road stud in front of the garage
Solar Road Stud in Front of The Garage
For some self-employed individuals used by non-government projects, it is also a good choice to use solar road studs in front of the garage door. These led road studs have 5 colors of white, yellow, blue, green and red, which can add color to the courtyard.
Solar Road studs are installed at highway intersections
Solar Road Studs Are Installed At Highway Intersections
The solar road studs are widely used in the infrastructure sector, among others: emphasizing dangerous curves, introducing traffic calming measures, marking cycle lanes and roundabouts. Moreover, solar road studs are highly suitable for harbor and recreational areas, where solar road stud are applied on quays, piers and footbridges, parking zones and public squares.
solar road studs are installed in the garden
Solar Road Studs Are Installed In The Garden
Many environments already have the right pathway infrastructure in place, or have secured funding to invest in it. Where pedestrians and cyclists are slow to adopt footpaths, canal towpaths and dedicated cycleways, it's often down to seasonal changes in light levels, and safety concerns. This is where solar road stud lights can help.
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