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The function of the internal glue injection of solar road studs

May 15, 2023
The primary purpose of injecting glue inside the solar road studs is to enhance its structural stability and waterproof performance. Here are a few main reasons for injecting cement:

1.Structural stability: Solar road studs are usually installed on roads or other grounds, and the glue injection can fill the gaps inside the road studs to make them a solid whole. This can enhance the structural stability of the solar road stud and prevent problems such as loosening, cracking, or deformation during use.

2.Waterproof performance: Glue injection can fill the internal space of the solar road stud, preventing water and moisture from penetrating into the interior of the road stud. This is very important to protect internal components such as solar cells and circuit components, which are very sensitive to moisture. By injecting glue, it can effectively prevent water intrusion and improve the waterproof performance of solar road studs.

3.Anti-dust and anti-corrosion: Glue injection can also fill the internal space of solar road studs to prevent dust, mud, and other impurities from entering. This helps keep the solar road stud clean and reduces the impact of pollutants on the solar panels. In addition, the glue injection can also provide an additional protective layer, reduce the contact between the road stud and the chemicals and corrosive substances in the external environment, and prolong the service life of the solar road stud.

In conclusion, injecting glue inside the solar road stud can improve its structural stability and waterproof performance, and at the same time protect the internal components from moisture, dust, and corrosion damage. This will contribute to the reliability and durability of solar road studs under different environmental conditions.

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