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The G105 solar road stud is equally popular in the Philippine

Feb 22, 2023
The Philippines is a very large market for road studs and there are many local companies that manufacture nails. However, as a Chinese manufacturer with multiple suppliers in the Philippines, NOKIN is a very strong spike manufacturer and supplier with 21 years of manufacturing experience in the industry and is always improving and wants to be seen by more users for our efforts.
x6 solar road stud
It is no surprise that the G105 solar road stud is popular in the Philippines. The structure is very clever, also belonging to the embedded solar road studs, the process of casting aluminum makes it possible to reach more than 30 tons of pressure resistance. This structure ensures that the spike will last for up to three years.
x6 solar road stud
The most distinctive feature of the G105 Aluminum solar road stud is its internal light bead design which is inclined, its unique angle determines its long visible distance, which is greater than 800 meters. The top screw, which acts as a fixation, is an anti-theft screw that requires a unique installation tool, and the upper aluminum articulated ring, which is plated, is novel and beautiful.
x6 solar road stud
The road characteristics of the Philippines are ideal for the installation of solar road studs. The following are a few reasons for this:

Poor visibility at night: In parts of the Philippines where visibility is poor at night, installing solar road studs can provide illumination and better visibility for pedestrians and vehicles, improving road safety.

The need to conserve energy: The Philippines is a country that consumes a lot of energy. Using solar road studs will help reduce energy costs by using the sun's energy to provide the electricity needed for street lighting, while reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources, helping to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

Unstable power supply in some areas: In some areas of the Philippines where the power supply is unstable, the use of solar road studs can avoid wasted energy and maintenance costs due to faulty wiring or power outages, and increase the reliability of road lighting.

Poor road conditions: In some areas of the Philippines, the use of cat eye road stud can avoid the need to lay cables or wires during road construction, reduce damage to the road surface and reduce maintenance costs.

In summary, the road characteristics in the Philippines are ideal for the installation of solar road studs, which can improve road lighting, reduce energy costs and maintenance costs, as well as meeting the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.


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