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China Solar Roads Stud Supplier - NOKIN Traffic

Mar 30, 2023
1. Brief introduction of solar road stud
Solar road stud lights, also known as solar cast aluminum road lights, reflective markers, LED road stud lights, etc., are charged by solar panels and stored in batteries, and will automatically emit light at night and when there is insufficient light in rainy and foggy weather, which can guide vehicles in the right direction. The driving direction can effectively guarantee traffic safety. Solar road studs are durable, economical, and practical, high-tech environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, and so on. It can also be used for road lighting, yurts, tents, gardens, courtyards, parks, and another outdoor lighting.
2. Design structure of solar road stud
The design of the NOKIN solar road stud is as follows: (1) Separation design. The LED lampshade and the internal circuit board adopt an isolation design, even if the LED lampshade is broken, the interior of the solar road stud is still guaranteed to be free from water seepage; (2) Strong neutral adhesive materials are used to ensure that the solar panel, the LED lampshade, and the road stud shell are tightly bonded Connect without any gaps in the middle.
3. Working principle of solar road stud
The working principle of solar road stud lights is that solar panels directly absorb solar energy and convert light energy into electrical energy, which can be said to be the first link in the entire working system of solar road studs; its working efficiency directly determines the work of solar road studs The level of efficiency. An important factor in determining the life of a solar road stud is the life of the battery, and the choice of the battery is also very important.
4. The biggest feature of solar road studs is environmental protection
Embedded solar road stud are more out of environmental considerations, using solar panels to provide a stable power supply for self-sufficiency, not dependent on city cables. Common solar road stud lights generally use monocrystalline silicon solar panels, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach about 14%. The solar panel is used as the charging component, the battery or capacitor is used as the energy storage component, and the road stud product adopts LED light-emitting or combined with passive light-emitting.

5. How to contact us if you need
Because it is not affected by the power supply, it does not need to dig trenches and embed wires, it does not consume conventional power, and it can be installed on the spot as long as there is sufficient sunlight for green environmental protection products. Friends who are interested in our products are welcome to visit our factory, or you can log on to our website https://www.nokinroadstud.ph/ to check your product needs or send an email to Victor Qin: info@nk-roadstud .com to learn more, we look forward to working with you.


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